Expanded Business Listings have the ability to add a video to their site. Adding videos in Marketplace is something that is done through the Admin View by the Account Coordinator.


All videos added must be in Flash Video format.

To add a video in Marketplace

Click on the Videos link, then the ‘Add video’ button on the top right, then:

  1. Click the search icon next to Business then search for and select the applicable business
  2. If the video will serve as the ‘main image’ for the business, select header under the slot field
  3. Click Browse and upload the video from your hard drive
  4. Click Browse and upload a still image for the video from your hard drive (what appears to the users before they play the video)
  5. Type in a title and description of the video, if desired
  6. Set the Created and Modified fields to today/now.
  7. Click Save (this may take some time as the video uploads)

Figure 19.1 Add video page

Once a Video is added through the admin, it will show up under the ‘Videos’ tab on a Business Listing, and as the primary image for the site if that option was selected.


Figure 19.2 Expanded Business Listing with the Videos tab highlighted and a video displayed as the primary image of the listing




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