The Reminders module allows you to view requests from individuals who have registered to receive an email or sms reminder of a particular event posted on an expanded Business Listing’s site. This module should be used to troubleshoot when someone claims they’ve signed up for but haven’t received an email or sms reminder.

Adding reminders should only be done from the public facing side on the expanded Business Listing’s site.

When businesses post new Events, users can sign up for an alert to be sent out before the event starts. Under the Events tab on a Business Listing, click the event the user wants to be reminded of.


Figure 15.1 Business Listing with Events tab highlighted and the desired event visible

After clicking the name of the event, the user sees the Event detail page. The ‘Remind me…’ links at the bottom are where public users sign up for the reminder. Clicking one of those links will allow the user to sign up for a specific reminder that will notify them before an event is about to begin.


Figure 15.2 Event detail page with ‘remind me…’ links at the bottom

Click the Email reminders within the admin application to view email addresses of individuals who have registered to receive notification of a particular event.


Figure 15.3 A list of email addresses for users that have signed up for an event reminder

Click on the SMS reminders application to view every phone number provided by an individual who wants to receive an SMS reminder of a particular event.


Figure 15.4 The phone number of a user that has signed up for an SMS reminder



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