Ratings & Reviews

Both the Ratings module and the Reviews module in the Admin View display reviews that were posted on individual Business Listings. Managing Ratings & Reviews through the Admin View is not practical. It is highly recommended that you manage Ratings & Reviews through the Public View. It is important not to remove negative reviews from Business Listings to ensure that Ratings & Reviews remain useful to the community.

Ratings & Reviews can be turned on or off at the Market level.


Post Review

To post a Rating & Review, users must have a user account and be logged in. A box appears beneath the primary image of the site that allows the users to assign a 1-5 star rating and write a brief review of the Business Listing.


New and Improved! Reviews now contain text editing tools for your users! Click here for more info.


Social Reviews

In addition to the review posting to the business profile, Marketplace offers the users an option to share the review to both Twitter and Facebook.


Ellington’s default review form includes a “Share your comment” section which will display options for either social media site a user has linked to their Ellington user account. With the click of a button, users can post their comments to the social media outlet of their choice. All reviews posted will include a referring link to the comment on your site.

Social Review Setup

To post Reviews to Facebook and Twitter, users need to link their social media accounts to their user-account. This can be done from a user’s “edit your profile” page http://yourdomain.com/marketplace/accounts/profile/edit/, users will also see a prompt to connect their Facebook and Twitter directly from their review form.


It can also be managed directly on the review itself. It is a single time set-up.






Figure 13.2 Business Listing with review box visible.

After a user has posted a rating and review of a business, the business owner receives an email notification that a new review of their business has been posted. This gives the owner the opportunity to respond quickly to any reviews posted on their listing. The business owner is highlighted when they respond to a review, and any member of the community can respond to a review to express agreement or disagreement.

Any member of the community can flag a review as inappropriate while some Marketplace staff members will have the ability to remove reviews directly.


It is advisable to limit the number of users that can moderate reviews directly to ensure that the ratings and reviews system on your site maintains its credibility.


Figure 13.3 A review with the ‘flag this review’ link highlighted. This is what the general public sees.


Figure 13.4 A review with the ‘remove’ link highlighted. This is only visible to Marketplace staff users with superuser status.


Figure 13.5 A Business Listing with reviews.


Here’s an example of a Best Practice suggestion to business owners sent out by LawrenceMarketplace.com. Ratings and Reviews Best Practices

Average Rating

On the category landing page and search results lists, users will see “Average Rating” results next to the business listings. Users can sort selected business in searches by “Most Reviewed” and “Highest Rating.” The Highest Rating is an average of all reviews to a given business. The average will be viewable by a “whole” star or “1/2” star. Using a standard algorithm, Ellington will round up to the nearest “½” star if the average is above .25. Any review that averages above .75 will round up to the next “whole” star. Users will only be able to select “whole” stars when writing reviews. The “1/2” star only displays when it meets the averaging criteria.

Category Landing Page

Users can sort list by most review, or highest rating. Both the stars and the number of reviews are viewable in the list.


Business Profile Page

Displays the average number of stars of all reviews on this business profile.


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