Under the Profiles module, you are able to manage four things: business accounts, business claims, business profiles and payment methods. Business claims are turned into business accounts, which allow business owners to directly control their Business Listing. Business profiles serve as a profile for an individual business and give detailed information about the business. Payment methods are the icons and available methods for individuals to purchase products from a business (for example, checks or VISA).

To view business claims, click on the Business claims link under Profiles in the Admin View. Claims are displayed newest first, but you can search for a specific claim in the search box on top. Click on the ‘name’ to view the claim detail page.


Figure 12.1 The business claim page showing the information the business owner entered into the claim form.

Business owners have to fill out the Business Claim Form to manage their Business Listing in Marketplace. They will need to have a Marketplace user account in order to claim their business. The form allows them to login or create a new user account seamlessly while they are filling out the Business Claim Form.

To claim a business:

  1. Click ‘Is this your business’ to the left of the main image on the Business Listing
  2. Fill out the Business Claim Form

Figure 12.2 Business Claim Form

Use this information to contact the business owner and verify the claim, then create the business account for the user.

To create a business account, click on the Business accounts link under Profiles. Click Add business account, then:

  1. Click on the icon to search and select a business.
  2. Click on the icon to search and select a user account
  3. Check the ‘can manage users box’
  4. Check the ‘Is account rep’ if the account coordinator will be managing the business

Figure 12.3 Add business account page

Once a business account is created, that user will be able to manage information pertaining to that business. It is best to manage the business profile through the Public View of Marketplace (see Figure 12.5).

To add a payment method:

  1. Type the name of the payment method (for example, AMEX)
  2. Type the codename (can be the same as the name)
  3. Click ‘browse’ to select the image for the payment method
  4. Click save

Figure 12.4 Adding a payment method

The first five links that appear to the left of a Business Listing are the fields used to manage the Business Profile.


Figure 12.5 Business Listing with fields highlighted that tie directly into the Business Profile

Clicking Edit name / location takes you to the screen where you can adjust the name and address of a business.


Figure 12.6 Edit name / location page


If Google Maps cannot find the address, it will display an error. The account coordinator will need to manually enter the address in the Admin View under the Businesses application.

Clicking Edit contact info allows you to edit the Telephone number, Email address, Mailing Address, Links to websites relating to the business. Note: Only expanded listings are able to have a direct URL within Marketplace (located under ‘Your Link’).


Figure 12.7 Edit contact information page with the ‘your link’ field displayed.

Clicking ‘Edit description’ allows you to edit the information that will appear under the ‘Description’ tab. Raw HTML is allowed.


Figure 12.8 Edit description page with HTML in the Description field

Clicking ‘Edit attributes’ allows you to edit several fields that give more information about the business, including payment options.


Figure 12.9 Edit attributes page with multiple payment methods selected


Selecting ‘yes’ for an attribute will display the attribute under the Business Details tab, selecting ‘no’ will display it with a line through it and selecting ‘unknown’ will display nothing


Hold Control (on PC) or Command (on Mac) to select multiple payment methods.

After clicking ‘Edit hours’ you are able to select, add, change or delete a Business hours set.


Figure 12.10 Edit hours page with default hours already selected

To add business hours, click the Add hours set button, then:

  1. Select the hours type (Business / Kitchen / Other)
  2. Select whether the business is open or closed next to each day of the week
  3. Type the time the business is open and closed
  4. Type any additional information in the ‘additional information’ (For example, special holiday hours)
  5. Click save

Figure 12.11 Add Business hours page

Once a business hours set is created, it can be selected from the drop down menu.



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