The Professionals module allows you to edit/view professional businesses and their associated specialties. A professional Business Listing is one that highlights individuals within a given business. Most Marketplace partners use the Professionals functionality within Marketplace to highlight doctors, dentists and lawyers either as individuals or within a practice. Professionals allow Business owners to add additional information about themselves including their credentials (generally the school they graduated from) and affiliations (such as the Better Business Bureau or the American Dental Association). It even allows individuals to have Professional listings and associate them with another Business listing (such as a Doctor having a Professional listing and associating it with a Business Listing for a practice. Eleven professions are built into Marketplace upon installation (Technology, Recruiting, Real Estate, Financial Services, Consulting, Banking, Accountant, Insurance, Medical, Dental, Law). To give additional information about a Professional, Specialties are built into Marketplace as well. If a doctor is a specialist in Orthopedics, then the Account Coordinator could select the Orthopedic specialty when setting up the Professional. Marketplace also allows users to add a new profession or specialty as needed.

Only Businesses with an Expanded listing can display the professional features in your Marketplace site. Once this is done, you can select their business type as professional.

To make a Business Listing Expanded:

  1. Navigate to the Profiles module in the Admin Panel
  2. Click on the Business Profiles link
  3. Search for the Business by name
  4. Click on the name of the Business
  5. The third field on the next page is ‘Listing Type’, click the drop-down menu next to that and select ‘Expanded’
  6. Click Save

Once the Business Listing is set to Expanded, navigate to the Public View of Marketplace and locate the Business Listing you wish to turn into a Professional Listing, then:

  1. Click the ‘Type’ link to the left of the primary business image (It is the third link from the bottom)
  2. On the next screen, click the drop-down menu next to Business Type
  3. Select Professional
  4. Click Save

Figure 11.1 Changing the Business Type after clicking the ‘Type’ link

Under the Professionals application, you can view every professional listing in your Marketplace site. You also have the option to view by each profession and specialty type by using the filter options on the upper right hand side.

To make a Business Listing Professional:

  1. Go to the Professionals module in your Marketplace admin
  2. Click on the Professionals application under the Professionals module
  3. Click on the business you want to edit
  4. Under the heading Change professional, make your edits and click save

Once the Business Listing is made Professional, it should be managed through the Public View.

From the Business Listing in Marketplace, the business owner or Professional can do one of five things:

  1. Manage their profession
  2. Add or Manage credentials
  3. Manage Affiliations
  4. Manage Specialties
  5. Add or manage a related business

Figure 11.2 Business Listing with Professionals functionality highlighted

Manage profession:

After clicking this link, select the profession from a drop down menu.

Figure 11.3 Selecting a profession from a drop-down menu

Manage credentials

Add or change a credential: Credentials are degrees and certifications

Figure 11.4 Add a credential page

Manage affiliations

An example of an affiliation would be a local chamber of commerce.

Figure 11.5 Add an affiliation page

Manage specialties


Figure 11.6 Specialty selection page (Note: multiple specialties can be selected by holding down the command button on a MAC or the control button on a PC)