Marketplace photos can be featured both as the main image on a business page, or also in a photo gallery located in the businesses photo tab. Multiple photos can be set to display on the business page, you can scroll through the images by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the image.


When a user clicks through to the photos page they can navigate through the images using the preview bar to the right of the main image.


Users can also view photos from the main page by clicking on the “Photos” tab at the bottom of the business main page.


Uploading photos

Business owners and marketplace staff members can add photos by entering the photos page, and clicking the upload button in the top left corner.


Images can be added by drag-and-dropping a selection of images from your computer into the box on the photos page, or by clicking the “add files” button in the bottom left.



IE does not support drag and drop. Drag and drop functionality is supported by HTML5 browsers. Any modern browser based on Gecko or Webkit will work, which includes Firfox, Chrome, and Safari. IE users can still easily upload any number of files using the “add files” button in the bottom left.

Once images are loaded into the box, clicking on the image title and description field allows you to edit the title and description before upload.


When all images are titled and described to your liking, click the “Start upload” button to load these images into your marketplace business.


Images are not uploaded unitl the “Start upload” button is clicked, refreshing or navigating away from this page before uploading will lose all information you’ve entered.

Errors when uploading corrupted or incorrect files

It’s useful to note that when an incorrect file-type is uploaded (a movie for example), Marketplace will upload all the correct images in the batch, but show an error message indicating that an incorrect or corrupt file has not been uploaded.


Editing photos

Once photos are uploaded they can be further viewed and edited from the photos page of a business. You can crop and rotate images, as well as edit the title and description by clicking on the desired text.



To crop, click the “Crop” button at the top of any photo. You will be able to drag a box around the portion of the image you’d like to preserve. The grayed out area will be cropped away. When you’ve isolated the portion of the photo you’d like to keep, click “Save Crop...”.



Photos can be rotated in 90 degree increments. Clicking the “Rotate” button moves an image clockwise by 90 degrees. When the image is set to the orientation you like, click “Save Rotation”


Placing photos on the business page

Photos can be displayed on the Photos page only, or on both the photos page and on the main business page. If more than one photo is displayed on the main business page, the user can move through the series of photos using the circle buttons below the photo.


will display the photo on the business main page.