Packages: Marketplace Self-Serve

Marketplace Self-Serve was developed to allow Marketplace partners to customize specific packages that meet their business community needs, marketing initiatives and online advertising goals. Individual markets and business types can customize each package. It also ensures pricing is based on the highest price for businesses contained in multiple markets.

Marketplace Self-Serve makes it easy for business owners to pay for package upgrades with their existing PayPal accounts. Marketplace interacts with Paypal to modify business profile accounts when payment is confirmed, accounts are canceled or the term has expired.


Marketplace partners must have an active PayPal account to allow business owners to pay online. To allow businesses the ability to upgrade online, please provide Ellington Support with the email address associated with your active PayPal account. We’ll use this email address to configure your Marketplace settings to interact with PayPal. Once this has been completed, business owners will see the “Manage Packages” link appear on their business website.

Information on how to setup your own PayPal account can be found on the PayPal website.

PayPal Website

Self-Serve Admin View

To Create a New Package:

Go to the Packages Application under the Profiles module.

  1. Click on the add package button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Enter a name for your package in the field Label.
  3. Choose the business type you are creating the package for from the dropdown menu provided. The options that come standard in your Marketplace installation includes: Bar, Church, Community Organization, Media, Professional, Restaurant, Retail, Service, and Unclassified. You can create a package for each individual business type.
  1. Select the Market you are creating this package for from the dropdown menu provided. You can create individual packages for each market or one package for all your market.
  1. Upload an image in the Thumbnail field if you would like an image to represent your package. Just click the Browse Button. This field isn’t required.
  1. Provide a description of your package in the Package Description field.
  1. If you prefer, provide a path to a flatpage describing the package in the Link to Description field. This field isn’t required.
  1. Checking the Default Package button allows you to customize default packages across your different markets and/or business types. This would be the package the business owner would “default” to after their upgraded package expires or the standard package a business owner gets upon adding their business to Marketplace.
  1. Provide a price for the package you have created in the Price field. If you prefer to use ala Carte selections then (a) proceed to # 13 to input Feature prices and (b) check the Per Option Pricing.
  1. Enter the billing frequency in the Billing Frequency field.
  2. Enter the term of agreement in the Term of Agreement field.
  3. Check the box of each feature you want available in your package. They will then be available to the Business.
  1. To provide a la carte pricing per feature, key in the price next to each.
  1. Click Save.

Marketplace Self-Serve Public View

Marketplace partners may further customize package options for a specific business while keeping the package details for other businesses intact. Please note these fields are populated from the existing package option assigned to the business.

From the Admin View of your Marketplace site, find the particular business under the Business Profile application (this application is located under the Profile module).

On the business’s profile page, you will see three new sections called Package Information, Features and Feature Pricing.

Business Owner Perspective

When a business owner claims their business, they will be assigned a default package, which is the free package offering that comes standard in your Marketplace installation.

Once logged in, business owners can view and purchase upgraded packages by clicking on the Manage Package option.


Packages are based on business type. If a business is not assigned to the proper business type or is Unclassified, the front end user will not see the appropriate packages assigned to their business type.


Once a business owner clicks on the Manage Package option, they can see all the available packages for their business type and Market. (See Below)


From here the user has 2 options:

Click on the Upgrade button to see listing of Features and then Update Profile.

  • Click directly on the Name of the Package Expanded to bring up features view.

From here you will click on the Update Profile button and the designated user will be informed of the updated package request.

Payment Methods

Your site will be set up to do either Traditional Transactions or Online Payments via Paypal.

Traditional Sales:

Sales will be notified via email of Clients Transaction and will manually make the updates.

If you were not using an online Payment method the client would need to contact the account Coordinator via the Feedback form, seen at the bottom of the listing page, to complete transaction. Your Package will not be updated until the account coordinator changes this for you.

  • Click on Feedback form to view. Once client clicks Submit the designated email address will receive the request.

Feedback form View:



Once a business owner selects the package they want, they subscribe to this package by clicking on the “Subscribe” PayPal icon.


On the PayPal site, they will pay for the package. Once transaction is complete, they will see a link on Paypal that will redirect them back to the Marketplace site. PayPal then sends an email to the business owner to confirm their subscription, and then to the Marketplace partner to notify a business owner has purchased a package.

Once transaction is confirmed and approved, business owners will have access to their package options. If business owners decide to change their package, they will go through the same process and modify the existing subscription through the PayPal website.

Adding a Package: Screencast