Welcome to the Ellington Marketplace User Guide! In this manual, there are references to the Admin View and the Public View of your Marketplace site. The Admin View is accessed by going to, and should only be accessed by your staff members. The Public View is the public facing side of your Marketplace site and is accessible by business owners once they have claimed their business and logged in.

This document is designed to guide you through the Ellington Marketplace Admin View, and also walk you through performing various tasks through the Public View of your site.

There are three types of default business packages we refer to throughout this manual: free, basic and expanded.

  • The free package options include a lead photo, business address, link to website, phone number, hours of operation, forms of payment and a map.
  • The basic and expanded package options include all of the free package options, plus more photos, keywords and multimedia capabilities.

In addition we have Marketplace Self-Serve. This will allow Marketplace partners to customize specific packages that meet their business community needs, marketing initiatives and online advertising goals. You can use these packages in addition to the three default packages.


Figure 1.1 Marketplace Administration page listing all applications within your Marketplace site (Admin View).


You must be logged in to make changes to a Business Listing. Instructions for tasks that should be performed from the Public View will appear within an orange box like this one and will include a screenshot of a Business Listing. The assumption is made you are logged in and attempting to make changes to this particular Business Listing. It’s important to train your business customers to manage their own listings so they don’t rely on your staff to make ongoing changes and updates.


Figure 1.2 The Marketplace homepage. This is the main page of the Public View.


Figure 1.3 Business detail page


More in depth information about an application will be included in a blue box like this one. For example, the Metadata application has a lot of best practices that are useful for fully utilizing the SEO tools built into Marketplace.



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