The Categories module allows you to manage the categories, aliases and hierarchies within your Marketplace site. In your day-to-day operations of Marketplace, you will only work with Categories and Aliases. Hierarchies are hard-coded into Marketplace, and there is no reason ever to add, change or delete a Hierarchy. Doing so can severely impair your Marketplace site.

When you click on “Categories” in the site administration, you will see a list of all existing categories. Your base categories are pre-loaded into your Marketplace site during installation, but you are free to add to these categories. The categories that are listed are the same categories as those that are listed at

To find a particular category, enter the name in the search bar. When the category appears, click the category name. We advise against changing existing categories. Instead, create a new category or create an alias.

To create a category

  1. After clicking on “Categories”, click the Add category link on the top right of the page.
  2. Select the Hierarchy (this will always be Business).
  3. Select the parent category (if it exists). For example, if you are creating a ‘Townhomes & Condos’ category as part of the Apartments & Rentals category, the Parent will be ‘Apartments & Rentals’.
  4. Type the name of the new category. Note: The slug is automatically filled in based on Name.
  5. Click Save.

Figure 5.1 Adding a category



The purpose of an alias is to associate one category with a different parent category. Using an alias, as opposed to creating multiple similar categories, will keep your Marketplace search function lean and it will appear more intuitive to your customers. For example, if you want to associate the /Apartments & Rentals category with /Moving and Relocation, you would do so by creating an alias. Once such an alias is created, customers who search for apartments using Marketplace will also be shown listings for movers. This is very helpful in customizing your Marketplace site to your specific audience. Auctioneers can be linked to real estate or livestock. Vinyards can be linked to tourism as well as agriculture. Through the use of aliases, a customer can search a category such as cuisine and be presented with a variety of options. When you click on Aliases, you will be shown a list of all existing aliases.


Figure 5.2 A list of existing aliases, organized alphabetically based on Category name

To create an alias

  1. After clicking on “Aliases”, click the Add alias link on the top right of the page.
  2. Select the category that you want to duplicate (in this example, /Real Estate/ Moving and Relocation)
  3. Select the Parent category you would also like to associate with (/Apartmetns & Rentals here)
  4. Click Save

Figure 5.3 Adding an alias




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