The Auth Module lists all users in your Marketplace site. Here you can add new users or edit current users, under the USER application. In addition you assign permissions to them either on an individual basis or on a group level by using Groups. Users include three specific types; Your Staff, created in the admin section and Business Owners and General Public created from the Market Place home page.

Your Staff: Sales Reps, Account Coordinators, Photographers and Call Center Representatives.

Business Owners: Post and Claim their business in Marketplace.

General Public: Users in your community that create a profile so they can subscribe to RSS feeds and take part in Ratings and Reviews.

User permissions may be assigned on an individual basis by editing or creating a profile. However, to save time we recommend you assign users to Groups that allow “preset” permissions. For example, the Call Center user group is pre-defined with permissions that a call center rep would need, and nothing more. An additional example is granting Photographers permission to upload/delete photos, but not allow them to edit a business’s profile.


Your Marketplace site comes loaded with pre-assigned permissions for sales reps, account coordinators and call center representatives.

You may also configure new Group permissions by using the Group application.

To add a new Group to your Marketplace site:

  1. Click on the Groups application under the Auth module or click on the Add button next to the Groups name.
  • If you clicked directly on the word Groups then you will need to click Add Group on the on the top right of the screen.
  • If you have selected the Add button, your curser will be directly on the field to enter the name of the Group.
  1. Next select the permissions you wish to grant the user by selecting either individual permission or multiple permissions (by holding control or command key) and then click on the blue arrow and see your selections under the “Chosen permissions” window.
  2. You can also use the Choose all button to select all permissions.
  3. To deselect permission, just highlight the permissions you wish to remove and use the reverse arrow, to remove, or Clear All button to start again.
  4. Click Save.

Figure 3.1 Adding a group in Marketplace

The Users application includes every registered user within your Marketplace site (Business owners, Marketplace staff, Users in the community, etc).

To add a new user to your Marketplace site:

  1. Click on the Users application under the Auth module.
  2. Click on the Ad user button in the top right.
  3. Enter a username and the password twice.
  4. Clicks save.

Figure 3.2 Adding a user (either public, business owner or your staff)

Once you click save, you will be taken to the ‘change user’ page to assign permissions to the user you just created. The username and password are already populated.

To finish creating a user:

  1. Check the box for ‘Staff status’ if the user will need to access the admin panel.
  2. The ‘Active’ box is checked by default, uncheck to deactivate a user.
  3. Check the box for ‘Superuser status’ to give a user all permissions.


Superusers should be used judiciously, limited usually to just the Sales Manager. Limiting this prevents users from manipulating the site, causing you to lose credibility.

  1. Manually choose permissions as needed for the user.
  2. Select one or multiple groups (by holding down the command button in Mac OS X or the ctrl button in Windows)

Figure 3.3 The change user page, before it is filled out.

Filter Options

When viewing the Users application, you will see a list of all users within your Marketplace site. They are organized by most recently activated on top. Filter options allow you to prune this list, while the search box lets you search for a specific user.


Figure 3.4 Users module with Filter Options highlighted.





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