The Ads module allows you to view every ad and coupon in your Marketplace site. Only businesses with an expanded listing are allowed to display ads and coupons. These ads and coupons will appear under the tab “Ads & Coupons” on expanded business sites.

An ad is also considered a coupon when there is a start and end date. When you designate an ad as the primary image, it will appear in the right rail under the business hours on the business detail page.

When an ad or coupon is designated as the primary image, it will also appear within the right rail rotating ads & coupons feature within your marketplace site. This feature is managed through the Public View. Complete documentation is found below listed under “Right Rail Rotating Ads & Coupons.”

Ads and coupons appear under the Ads & Coupons tab. Click ‘Coupons’ to see a list of all coupons, and to add an ad or coupon.


Figure 2.1 Business detail page with Ads & Coupons displayed

Click the Create ad or coupon button to add an ad or coupon.


Figure 2.2 A view of all ads and coupons for a Business Listing with the ‘Create ad or coupon’ button highlighted.


Figure 2.3 The ‘Add ad or coupon’ page.

To add an ad or coupon:

  1. Fill out the Headline (the title of the ad/coupon).
  2. Select the image for the ad/coupon.
  3. Type a description: This description will appear in the place of the image if the image does not load for some reason, so it is important to make it very descriptive.
  4. Set the start and end dates of the ad/coupon.
  5. If it is a primary ad/coupon, check the box and it will appear on the right rail of the Business Listing (see Figure 1.1).
  6. If it is a coupon, check the box. This will allow users to print the coupon and redeem it at the business.
  7. Click save.

Right Rail Rotating Ads & Coupons

Ads & Coupons are displayed in several places within Marketplace. They can appear on the homepage or on category pages. They appear in the right rail of the page, beneath the ad space that displays ads from your ad server. They display the business name, the ad/coupon name, and include an image of the ad/coupon. The ads/coupons rotator is Market specific, and will display ads/coupons from a given category on the category page. If no ads/coupons are present, then the right rail rotator will not display.


Figure 2.4 The homepage of Marketplace with Ads & Coupons highlighted.

The ads/coupons will refresh each time the page refreshes.

Clicking the Ads & Coupons link will take you to the Ads & Coupons main page.


Figure 2.5 The Ads & Coupons main page, showing coupons alphabetically within all categories. Any user can subscribe to an RSS feed that will update them when new coupons are added via the ‘Subscribe to coupons’ link on the left.

Here, you can search for individual ads/coupons, or view them by category. It displays current ads/coupons. The ads are sorted based on creation date, but can be sorted alphabetically. They are then displayed by business name. Clicking ‘see all’ will show all active coupons for a business.


**Figure 2.6**Figure A Business Listing showing active coupons from the ‘see more’ link.




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