Geolocation on Marketplace’s Mobile Site

Your Marketplace Mobile site, located at utilizes geosearching functionality when accessed by a smartphone that is Geo-Enabled.


This only works on phones that are Geo-Enabled.

When logging into the mobile site, users will receive a prompt to allow geo-locating. This varies from phone to phone, but the typical request is along the lines of “Marketplace wants to know your location, click yes to share your location”.


Checking yes will automatically enable geo-location. Users will now be able to see the nearest pizza shop, and if they’re open or closed, all on one screen!



In order to be visible in geo-search results, a business must have their Lattitude and Longitude in their business page. Businesses manually added via the admin panel will need these coordinates added. If a business is added from the public side of the site, the coordinates are automatically populated. Check a business’ geo-coordinates at

  • Quicktip: Longitude will always be negative if you are in America.
  • Latitude and Longitude can be found using Google Maps, or also by using a site such as this

Screencast Example

Here’s a quick example of how Mobile Geosearch looks!




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