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Contacting Support

Ellington supports our clients 24×7. For emergency assistance or to report a bug, please contact our inhouse Support Team via our support desk at support.ePublishing.com. Normal inquiries such as questions or change requests can be submitted via your Basecamp account, and are handled 8am to 5pm CST/CDT, Monday through Friday.

If you do not have access to Basecamp, please submit a ticket to our support desk at support.ePublishing.com.

Product News

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Getting Started

The following downloadable documents contain a robust list of examples and information. They should be used to train your staff on Marketplace functionality.

Marketplace Training

Got new staff? Contact sales@ellingtoncms.com to schedule a training session for new staff. This is also an excellent refresher on new Marketplace functionality for our experienced Marketplace staffers.

Check out our training course for Marketplace.

Marketplace Training Outline

Using Marketplace

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