How to Edit Type- (Only Account Coordinator can edit.)

  1. Click on the Type tab to access the following screen.
  • Click on the Business Type pull down menu.
  • Select the Type for this business.
  • If you select Professional as a type;(1) Attributes are adjusted to fit the type,
  1. In addition, New Tab selections for Professional type:
  • Profession-These originate in ADMIN, to appear in drop down.
  • Credentials-Can add School level, University, Graduation year.
  • Affiliations- Add in the Organization and start and end date.
  • Specialties-correlate directly to the chosen Profession.
  • Related Businesses-Can link directly to partner business.
  1. For select Professional Type, There is a new bottom tab selection for Public users.
  • Products changes to Services.





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