How to edit your site titles

Page titles are the first thing users and search engines see when they look at a webpage. It’s important to have these areas accurate and descriptive of your page content.

What is in your page title?

Here is a brief rundown of how Marketplace’s page titles are generated.

The Homepage:

This title consists of your site’s primary or main market name, as well as your site’s display name. The wording of both of these can be edited by you. Click here for more information: Editing a title


The Market Page:

By switching to any existing market, your page title will also switch to the corresponding market name, while keeping the site display name.


The Category Page:

Category pages take the above pattern one step further. The category name, the market name, and the site description are all listed in the page title. The below example is of the Restaurants category.


The Business Page:

Businesses have a feature available which allows them to customize their individual page titles. If no customization has been applied, the page title will consist of the business name, and the city the business is located in. You can read further on customizing business page titles here: How to Edit Page Titles

Editing a title

Editing your site description:

The site description is located in your admin Sites application, found at Changing the Display name will change the text in your page title.



The site display name is also the name that appears in automatically generated forms and notices including the Contact Us form account activation email. It is strongly recommended that a display name be short and understandable to end-users.

Editing your market name:

A market can be found in the Markets application of your admin panel here: The Name field will appear in both the drop-down market menu (if you have multiple markets) as well as the market page title.