Setting up Push to SocialΒΆ

Due to changes to the Twitter API Terms of Service clients are required to create and manage their own Twitter API apps. To enable Push to Social for Ellington Marketplace, you will need to create a new Twitter API app by following these steps:


Each Marketplace site must have a unique app. If you have multiple Marketplace sites, you will need to create an app for each site.

  1. Apps can be created by logging into your Twitter account and going to Or, if you are logged in to, you can access the app creation page via the top-right navigation menu:
  1. Click the “Create new application” button:
  1. Fill out the form as follows:


Our demo site’s URL is In creating an app for the demo site, we entered Note that the trailing /marketplace is not included. If your Marketplace domain name follows the pattern be sure to include the marketplace. that comes before

  1. After saving and creating the new app, go to the app’s settings:
  1. On the settings tab, set the Access for Application Type to “Read and Write”:
  1. Returning to the app Details tab, please note the following items:
  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret
  • Access token
  • Access token secret

The keys will be found under “OAuth settings” and “Your access token”:

  1. You will need to send these keys, along with the name of the app, to your Solutions Manager via Basecamp. Please copy and paste the keys rather than sending a screenshot. Once we have your API keys, we will update your Marketplace site(s) settings with them. After that Twitter Push to Social should work as expected.


Changing Twitter API keys will require any business that had previously setup Push to Social to re-enable the connection to their Twitter account. If your Marketplace site had Push to Social enabled previously, please notify Ellington Support. Support will disconnect all business currently connected to Twitter. This will prompt business owners to connect to Twitter the next time they attempt to use Push to Social.



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