How To Edit Name/Location

  1. Click on Name/Location to bring up edit screen of selected business.
  1. Make changes to:
  • Business Name: Professional business name.
  • Nickname: Alternate name might this business may be known as.
  • Address: This address guides the Geocoding for the business and establishes the location of pushpin on the Google map. Use the exact physical location. Secondary address can be created in ‘Edit Contact’ tab. If a Business Owner does not want the exact location of the business to display on the map, enter the zip code only.
  • Apt. or Suite #:
  • Zip: This is required field. The zip code used here will define the Market this business is in, and where the business is located on the maps in Marketplace. If a zipcode is used without the address detail, the push pin will be centered on the google map within the zipcode range.


If the GEO Mapping is incorrect, try adjusting the longitude and latitude in the Businesses model found Review detailed instructions Geocoding

  1. Once the data is entered or changed click on either Save or Cancel.





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