How to Edit Hours

  1. Click on the Edit hours tab to access the following screen.
  1. Create Hours: Click on “Add Hours Set” icon.
  • Hours Type: Use the pull down to select Business, Kitchen or Other. If you choose other, type the text of the Display name.
  • Status: Next to the day of the week, select the Status from the drop down.
  • Open & Close: Hours must be in 24-hour format. 8am and 5pm is 08:00 and 17:00, respectfully.
  • Not applicable: Select this if there are not special hours for that day. This day will not display on hours listing view.
  • Additional Info: Any additional comments you wish to add.
  1. Once the data is entered or changed click on either Save or Cancel.
  2. You will now see the data you entered on the business home page on right rail.
  1. Some Business’s have several SETS of hours, like Bar Hours, Kitchen Hours, Etc. The Default hours can be set to be the Main Display.
  • Select the Default by using the Pull down menu.
  • These will show up first on the right rail.
  • Consumers will be able to click on grey arrow to display any addition hour sets, which Businesses may have.
  1. Edit Hours
  • Set Default Hours: If the Business has several hours’s types. Use Make “Hours Type” my default hours., The selected type will be the default display on the right rail of the Business profile page.
  • To Edit Hours, Click on the name of the Business type hours and the Hours page will come up.
  • You can edit any of these fields. Use the same format you did when creating Hours.
  • Click Save icon to save hours.
  • Delete hour’s set by clicking on the Delete icon under the Set.





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