Embedded Twitter Feed

The embedded twitter feed appears on the lower right rail of the Marketplace Business Profile. Marketplace business owners can stream their five most recent posts in the feed window. The feed links are all dynamic from this window. In addition, there is a link so users can ‘follow’ the twitter account listed by the business.


Admin Set Up Embedded Twitter Feed

The embedded twitter feed option is a package feature. In order to activate the options, the package must include the Embedded Twitter Feed feature.


Check instructions on adding packages detailed here on the support site.

Once the feature is selected on a package, a business that selects ‘expanded package’, will have access to the feature. If you add this feature to an expanded package, existing package holders will not automatically receive the new feature. They must re-select the package and update on the public facing profile.

Activate new business features for existing package holders.
  • Go to the public facing Business profile.
  • Go to Manage Package and select ‘update profile’.

This business will now have any new features added to the package type.

Adding Embedded Twitter Feed on Business profile

If the embedded twitter feed is part of the selected package features for this business, they can add their business twitter account to the field found under the ‘edit contact info’ tab.


The Twitter feed link is right below external links fields.


Entering the Twitter user name here will embed the Twitter feed on the Marketplace business profile page. There is no need to add the @ sign.