How to Edit Coupons

  1. Click on the Coupons tab to access the following screen.
  • Click on CREATE AD OR COUPON icon.
  • Headline: Text here will display BOLD title in Ad.
  • Photo: Upload Photo from your server to feature coupon.
  • Description: Text of message body for coupon.
  • Start Date: When does this coupon start to display. Use 10/30/2009 format.
  • Expiration date: Coupon no longer displays. Use 10/30/2009 format.
  • Primary: By selecting both this box and Coupon, the ads will appear in Rotating Ads and Coupons section of Marketplace.
  • Coupon: Check this box here and the coupon will appear on the Ads & Coupons rail under Restaurants’ Category.


If you wish to have the ad/coupon appear in Rotating Ads and Coupons, make sure the “PRINT ADS” Feature is selected for this package in the Admin section of MP. If your Ad/Coupon is not appearing: Make sure both Primary and Coupon are selected, and this BUSINESS PROFILE in Admin has PRINT AD selected.

  1. Print, Delete or Edit Coupon:
  • Click on the Name of the Coupon: Coffee.
  • Click on EDIT icon to edit the content of the coupon.
  • Click on DELETE icon to delete the coupon.
  • Click on PRINT icon to print the coupon.





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