How to Edit Contact info

  1. Click on the Edit contact info tab to access the following screen shots.
  1. Fill in the following fields:
  • URL: ( Business name can be entered here. Display will appear as Http://
  • Phone 1 &2: Enter with hyphens.
  • Email: Address here will receive all correspondence.
  1. Fill in address information. This is where a mailing address can be added, as the geo business address was loaded in Edit Name/Location.
  • Address 1: Free Text Field.
  • Address 2: Free Text Field.
  • City: Free Text Field.
  • State: Use Drop down box to choose state.
  • Zip Code: Free Text Field.
  1. The following fields are for URL links that will appear as a tab underneath the Description field in the Business View. The Field Names are hardcoded and cannot be changed. Clicking on the tab will bring the user to the website.
  1. Once the above fields are populated, Menu and Online Stores have a URL connection and are now displayed on Business Home page as a button link to the URL site.
  1. Once the data is entered or changed click on either Save or Cancel.

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