How to Edit Attributes

  1. Click on the Edit attributes tab to access the following screen.
  1. The Attributes only appear on the Business page if you select Yes or No. If a business does not have the attribute, keep the default set to Unknown.
  2. Use the drop down arrow to select Yes or No.
  • If you select Yes, the attribute will appear in BOLD in Details.
  • If you select No, the attribute will appear in GREY, with a line through the name.
  • If you select Unknown, the attribute will NOT appear on Business.
  1. Miscellaneous attributes: The following fields accept a WHOLE number only and will display in the Details section. If field is blank, the name will not display.
  • Number of TV’s: Total Number in establishment.
  • Vegetarian Dishes: List the number of Veg. Dishes on your menu.
  • Vegan Dishes: List the number of Vegan dishes on your menu.
  1. Payment Methods allows you to display an icon of the credit cards you accept and the High and Low Product Price Range.
  • Payment Methods: Hold down “control”, or “command” on a Mac, to select more than one credit card.
  • Price Range (low): Accepts numeric.
  • Price Range (high): Accepts numeric.
  1. Once the data is entered or changed click on either Save or Cancel.
  2. To load additional Credit Card names and icons; Go to the Profiles Module in the Admin Section.
  3. Click on Payment Methods Module.
  1. A list of the current payment methods is available for review or edits.
  1. Click on “Add Payment Method” to add new payment method and fill in details.
  • Name: This name is the display name in user view.
  • Codename: Add in Codename.
  • Icon: Choose file that will display icon on Business page. Should be a RGB jpg, gif or png. Dimensions are 37px wide and 23 px tall.
  • Click on save icon to save details.





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