Marketplace Feature Enhancements

Following is a list of recently released features and a brief explanation of their functionality.

Marketplace Business Hosting

Create a custom website with a unique design and domain name in a matter of minutes that automatically displays business content already posted on Marketplace. Select from professionally designed themes or customize the site with easy to use editing tools. Business Hosting options are part of Marketplace Package features. Marketplace account managers can create custom packages that include the hosting options. Once the package is selected, business owners can begin building their website.

Ellington Marketplace Business Hosting


Affiliations allow a business to showcase ‘affiliations’ or ‘memberships’ they are a part of. Small icons will visually indicate your chosen affiliation in search results. Bulk update capabilities, and API access are provided with this feature. This is a terrific way to indicate Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or even present your local “BEST OF” winners.


Embedded Twitter Feed

The Embedded Twitter Feed displays recent twitter posts from the Business’s Twitter account on the Marketplace Business Profile. Marketplace business owners can stream their five most recent posts in the feed window. The feed links are all dynamic. In addition, there is a link so users can ‘follow’ the twitter account listed by the business.

Embedded Twitter Feed

Event Landing Page and Event Image Option

The Events landing page is an aggregate list of all events site-wide. Users will be able to subscribe to site-wide events and scroll through them via the pagination links. Along with this new page, Business Owners will now be able to upload an image on an Event. The image can be seen on the business event page and as a thumbnail on the site-wide events landing page.

How to Edit Events

Mobile Advertising and CSS Options

Marketplace mobile options include the ability to display a Banner Advertisement and adjust the CSS for Marketplace mobile templates. The Banner ad will display on the top of each page on the mobile site; home page, category pages, search results and the business pages. The ad codes should be added in the Market object found in the Marketplace admin panel. You can update the CSS in the same Market object.


Mobile Detection and Redirection

Marketplace now has the ability to detect if a user is using a mobile or tablet device when visiting your website, and redirect your user to the correct subdomain (your mobile subdomain). An iPhone or Android phone will be taken to the mobile site without a user having to manually type in the mobile url.

Mobile Detection and Redirection

Marketplace Favorites

Marketplace Favorites enhances the user’s experience on Marketplace, by allowing them to “bookmark” or “favorite” objects directly on the site. Once they “favorite” a Coupon, Photo, Product or Businesses, the objects will be listed on the users Favorite page.

Marketplace Favorites

Bulk Category Updater

Bulk Category Updater is a feature that allows an account manager to add/remove categories to multiple business profiles in a single process. Account managers have the ability to add custom categories. Once the category is added, a great way to update all businesses at once is using the Bulk Category Updater. Another use case is the removal of a category that is no longer needed.

The Bulk Category Updater

Pushing Content to Social Media

Push to Social allows Marketplace business owners to push updates made to their Marketplace business profile, which includes the creation of Products, Coupons, Events, Photos, Video and the newly created News application, to their Twitter and Facebook Business page.

Push to Social & News

Coupons Filtering

Marketplace coupons can now be sorted by the date they expire, as well as by the category a business is assigned. This allows users to see specials coupons expiring on a day, week, and monthly basis. Users also have the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for coupons, keeping them up-to-date on all the happenings about Marketplace!

Marketplace Coupon Filters

The Marketplace API

This will allow our Marketplace partners to interact with Marketplace in new and exciting ways. The API enables frontend developers to create interfaces that previously weren’t possible by providing RESTful read and write access to Marketplace businesses, products, reviews, ads, categories, markets, events, photos, and videos.

The Marketplace API

Content Versioning

Ellington’s Content Versioning functionality provides the ability to recover old or deleted versions of content via the Admin panel.

Ellington’s Content Versioning

Mobile Geosearch

The Marketplace mobile site has been updated to search using geo-location for smart-phone users.

Geolocation on Marketplace’s Mobile Site

Customized Products Tab

Businesses now have a feature available which will allow them to customize the name of their Products tab.

Editing the Product Tab

oEmbedded Media in Reviews

OEmbed takes supported URL’s and automatically embeds the media located at that URL into reviews.

oEmbedded Media in Reviews

Reviews Enhancements

Reviews now includes the functionality of text-editing tools as well as oEmbed supported embedded media. These tools allow users to create robust and visually interesting reviews on your site, encouraging user and business participation.

Marketplace Enhanced Reviews

Social Media Sharing Tools

Public users can now share information about businesses by choosing to email or link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Share Feature

Customizable Page Titles

Business owners and account coordinators can edit a Business Listing’s page title to enhance appearance and work to increase standings in search results.

How to Edit Page Titles

XML Sitemaps

We now provide XML Sitemaps for our Marketplace partners. XML Sitemaps inform the major search engines what content is available for indexing. XML Sitemaps are essentially a long list of URLs for search engines to index.

XML Sitemaps

The Marketplace Mailform

Ellington Marketplace introduces a new option for secure e-mailing called Mailform. This email feature will give the public user the option to send an email to a selected Business and at the same time prohibit the public user from spamming the Business. This feature will increase our Business Partners’ online security from e-mail spamming.

Ellington Marketplace Mailform

Self-Serve Marketplace

Marketplace Self-Serve was developed to allow Marketplace partners to customize specific packages that meet their business community needs, marketing initiatives and online advertising goals. The packages can be customized by individual markets and business types. It also ensures pricing is based on the highest price for businesses contained in multiple markets.

Marketplace Self-Serve makes it easy for business owners to pay for package upgrades with their existing PayPal accounts. Marketplace interacts with PayPal to modify business profile accounts when payment is confirmed, accounts are canceled or the term has expired.

Marketplace Self Serve

Business Claim Process Improvements

The process of adding and claiming a business has received a good tidy-up, eliminating many steps. We’ve reduced the multi-step process to filling out one simple form. Nothing more! This does not have an effect on your workflow as far as the claims process goes, but it will reduce the number of business owners who encounter mix-ups in the add/claim a business process. To read more about these changes, please visit this link:

Claims Process Improvements

Design Enhancements

You’ll notice several aesthetic and functional enhancements in the Marketplace design. While not deviating from the familiar and branded site appearance, the design has been streamlined and optimized to present the user with an easy to read and accessible format for business websites. Some of the design improvements include: display of all top-level categories alphabetically on your homepage, new “sub-navigation” on the homepage with quick-links to categories, coupons, and reviews (see more about “reviews” below) and improved search results views with quick links to business photos, products, events, and coupons! To read more about these changes, please visit this link:

Design Enhancements

Ratings & Reviews

These design enhancements were made to support our latest “optional” feature release, Ratings & Reviews. This new feature will allow users the ability to post a 1-5 star rating and to review to their favorite businesses, as well as respond to other user reviews. All business owners (free, basic, expanded) will receive email notification each time their business has been “reviewed” and will be prompted to visit their Marketplace site to respond to the review and/or to upgrade their listing. This is an excellent means to encourage user interaction with your Marketplace site. Recently reviewed businesses will also be featured on your Marketplace homepage and will be accessible from the sub-navigation tab at the top of the homepage. To read more about ratings & reviews, please visit this link:

Ratings and Reviews

Geo Search Functionality for Marketplace

With Geo Search your Marketplace users will be able to find business information based on everything from address to zip code to street corner and they will be able to view their search results by relevance and/or distance, such as “pizza” within 1 mile of the address or location they enter. Users may additionally focus their search results within a 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 mile radius of the entered address, city (for multiple market sites), or zip code.

For a video demonstration, please click here.

Setting up Mobile Marketplace

  1. Contact Ellington Support and provide them with your desired hostname (usually or
  2. You may also provide us with a custom logo, as long as it is no taller than 25 pixels and approximately 140 pixels wide.
  3. We will setup the mobile templates for you, which will pull information from your existing marketplace database and display it so it renders easily on cellular phones.


Mobile Marketplace requires no additional maintenance, anything setup for your regular marketplace will appear automatically in your mobile version.


For the single-professional business

  1. Begin on the business detail page, logged in as an admin user
  2. Click on Type in the left hand nav. This will take you to the Business type edit page
  3. Change the business type to Professional
  4. Go to the profession edit page to set their profession
  5. You may now edit credentials, affiliations and specialties

For businesses with multiple professionals

  1. Create a new business for each professional in the business.
  2. Set up a business account for each professional. If a single Person is managing multiple professionals, assign the same business account to each professional
  3. Change the business type to Professional
  4. Set their profession
  5. Associate the professional with the parent business
  6. Find the business via search
  7. Click the business to add it to the professional

For professionals that are part of multiple practices (or a single practice and a hospital)

  1. Set up the professional as above

2. Relate the professional to both the family practice and the Hospital (professionals can be related to any number of businesses

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for ‘really simple syndication’ and is a standardized format that updates users on frequently updated works (for example, blog entires and news headlines). The RSS document (called a “feed” or “web feed”) includes summarized text and the headline. In Marketplace, RSS feeds allow users to keep up to date on businesses’ events and coupons. Whenever a business updates their events or coupons, users will receive updates in their RSS reader.

To subscribe to an RSS feed in Marketplace

  1. From the front page of marketplace, find the business you wish to subscribe to and click the link.


On the left side of the business listing you will see a link to ‘Subscribe to coupons’ and/or ‘Subscribe to events’ if they are available for this business. These links will also have the orange RSS logo to the right of them.

  1. Click the ‘subscribe to...’ link.
  2. Select the RSS reader you wish to use, and click the ‘subscribe now’ button.

This will update you whenever a business updates their coupons or events. If events and coupons are not updated, no feed will be sent.

Click here to read more about RSS in general

Ads and Coupons Enhancements

New enhancements have been added to the Marketplace Ads and Coupons application. These new features include:

  1. Ads and coupons are placed in the right rails of the category detail and homepage.
  2. Ads and coupons may be browsed by category, sub-category and/or business name.
  3. RSS Feeds are now including for ads by category, ads by business and all ads.

To learn more details on these new features, we’ve created a screen cast or download the written documentation for your reference:

Watch screen cast

Download PDF