Frequently Asked Questions

Getting ads in the upper right rail ad

  1. Log into the Marketplace Admin and select Markets.
  2. Select the Market that you want to add the right rail ads to.
  3. Input your Ad Invocation code in the Ad Invocation code field.
  4. Click Save.

Using the Ads used by the Lawrence Journal-World for their Marketplace Launch

These ads can be located on the Marketplace support site here: Marketplace Print Ads


These files require Quark to open .

Google Maps Information

Both your beta and live site will need their own individual Google Maps API key. It can be generated here. If you get an error message stating ‘The Google Maps API key used on this Web site was registered for a different Web site’ you can generate a new one at this site.


Sorting a Business by Category

You may use the original data file you purchased for launching your Marketplace installation. Open the file in Excel and scroll over to column “AL” on the spreadsheet. Here you will find the category listed next to each business. This can be used for direct mail campaigns and business targeting. For more information on how to generate this report, please contact Customer Support.

Adding a Category

  1. Select Add Category
  2. Select the Category hierarchy (Business)
  3. Select the Parent Category, type in the name and slug for the category
  4. Click Save

Adding a Sub-Category

  1. Select Categories in the administration side. Next, select the category that you are adding the sub-category to.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name of your sub-category.
  3. Click the Save button.

When creating a category, which hierarchy do I use for Marketplace?

Marketplace uses the Business hierarchy only.


What do Aliases do?

The purpose of an alias is to associate one category with a different parent category. Using an alias, as opposed to creating multiple similar categories, will keep your Marketplace search function lean and it will appear more intuitive to your customers.

  • Example: Connect construction/cement suppliers with the Home and Garden category.


Deleting a Business or Category


It is strongly recommended that you do not delete businesses and categories. This will have unexpected consequences.

If you want to remove a business listing from Marketplace you can do so by selecting the business name under the Businesses and unchecking the Validated option. Click Save.


What is the benefit of using the Ratings/Reviews feature?

Turning on the ratings and reviews feature gives the business a chance to interact with their customers. If someone leaves a negative comment, the business can respond publicly and show they take an active interest in customer satisfaction. Also, if a business receives a glowing review, they can respond and thank the customer for their support.

Ratings & Reviews

What are ways I can monitor reviews?

Reviews do have an automatic swear filter which doesn’t allow users to post obscenities. Also there are two catches in place for monitoring reviews. First, all reviews would be visible in the /admin/ page here: You can monitor all activity just by viewing that page. Second, every time a review is posted an e-mail is sent to the contact e-mail address for that business. So if a business is claimed or has a valid e-mail address attached, the business owner will receive an e-mail notifying them their page has been reviewed (a definite incentive to claim your business if people are reviewing your busienss). If no e-mail address is present on the business page, the account coordinators receive a review e-mail and can use it as a good excuse to contact a business and upsell them, or address any inappropriate comments that don’t include swear words.

How is having OEmbed beneficial to my users?

OEmbed allows users to post interactive, supported links within the reviews area of Marketplace. This is a new feature that is becoming more prevalent within various types of social media.

oEmbedded Media in Reviews

Business Profile

How can users use/interact with events?

Users can sign up to receive event reminders via RSS feed or an email.



What size do photos need to be to upload onto a site?

They need to be a 3 x 5 ratio. If it is the primary photo, make sure it is larger than 470x260 pixels.


I’ve come across a business that doesn’t have a map associated with it on their business profile page. What’s wrong?

If the business address is a P.O. Box, then the business will not have a map on it’s profile page. The business might also need the geocoding adjusted, which may be done in the Admin panel. Select the Business application and the Businesses model. Select the specific business you need to alter. You may find geocoding at various sites, such as and

How To Edit Name/Location


A business added a coupon to their page but it is not showing up on the public view. Why is this?

This could be caused by several things. Check the start and end date of the coupon. You might also want to see if it is marked as Primary and Coupon; those two options will put it on the Ads & Coupons right rail on the home page and have it show up on the Coupon landing page, linked at the top of the home page.

How to Edit Coupons

I am trying to add a set of hours to a business profile but I keep getting an error stating it is the incorrect format. What is the correct way to enter it?

Business hours need to be in 24 hour format and you need hours : minutes : seconds. For example: 14:30:00 would be 2:30pm.

How to Edit Hours

I am editing the attributes on a business profile and I am seeing some of them are listed with a line through them. How do I make it so the attribute doesn’t show up at all in the list?

Mark the attribute as unknown. This will remove the option from the public view. We suggest you use the ‘No’ option for features people may expect at a business but is not available, such as not being handicapped accessable, or not having a smoking area. This way the public user would know they are not available.

How to Edit Attributes


What are Flatpages?

Flatpages are static pages that can be linked to a Marketplace business profile; common examples are terms and conditions, and lunch specials.

Flat Pages

How do I post a flatpage into the Marketplace footer links?

Once your designer has entered the information into the Flatpage model within the Admin panel, select the view on site button, located at the top right of the screen. That will take you to a live URL, which you can copy and then paste into the Footer field within the specific Market you choose, also located within the Admin panel.



I have a user with selected permissions, but they are unable to log into the Admin panel. Why?

If the user does not have Staff Status checked on their user profile, they will be unable to view the Admin panel. Auth

A new user profile was created but the user is unable to log into Marketplace. What’s wrong?

When a new user profile is created, they are sent an email where they open a link that makes them active. An account coordinator may get around this by going into their profile and selecting active.

To add a new user to your Marketplace site:


I added a business and everything looks fine, but it will not show up on the site. Why?

Check the postal code of the business. If that code is not listed within the market, it will not show up.


I am not seeing where I can validate a business within the public view, where can I do this?

This is one of the few tasks that is controlled within the admin panel. Go to, then select the business, and under misc, you can check the box marking it validated.



How do you set a Market as default?

In the Admin panel, go to Site Settings, which is located at the top right. In Site Settings, there is a field where you enter the default market slug.

When we create or add a new market in our installation, should we make it immediately viewable to end users?

You have the option to make the market immediately viewable to the public, or you can hide from public view if you prefer to wait until you have homepage and category sponsorships. This is an individual preference and up to your organization on how to proceed.


How do I customize the appearance of Marketplace?

The only way Marketplace is customizable is by changing the color of the background and font. You may do this by going into your All market within the Admin panel and entering these changes in the CSS Override field. This change affects all markets. Beyond changing the color, you may change the header image for each market. The header image may be different for each market you manage. This change is also managed within the Admin panel.



How do I upload a video into a Marketplace business profile?

A Marketplace Coordinator is the only one who can upload a video. Business owners will need to submit the video before it can be posted to their site. Once it has been submitted, the Coordinator may post it by going into the Admin panel and the Videos application and Videos model. A still is required to go with the video; this is what shows in the video player before it starts.


What are your recommendations for uploading videos within Marketplace?

We recommend under 10 mg in size and keep the length between 1:30 to 3:00 minutes.



I am creating a package but do not see where I can select the paid additions features like Home page sponsor. Where can I find those?

You can find this within the Admin panel. Under the Profiles Application, select the Business profiles model, select the business you want to add the paid additions to and which of the 3 options they would like.

Adding a Business Via the Admin Panel

What is a default package?

A default package is the package the business owner would “default” to after their upgraded package expires or the standard package a business owner gets upon adding their business to Marketplace.

How do I make a package the default package?

This is edited within the Admin panel. Select the Profiles application and the Packages model and choose the specific package you want set as default. Once selected,

Packages: Marketplace Self-Serve

When creating a package, how does the Per Option Pricing work?

A market coordinator has two options for pricing packages. They can select the options they want and have a blanket price for everything, or select the Per Option Pricing, which allows the market coordinator to charge specific amounts for each option.

A business wants to downgrade their package; will all of the current data be lost when they do this?

No, the data will be hidden, but not deleted. This way, should they want to revert back to a higher level package, there will be no need to re-enter the information.

The Marketplace Widget

I’m refreshing my homepage over and over and I keep seeing the same business in the Search Widget, should’t it change every time I refresh the page?

The widget is designed with the expectation that the standard public user will load the homepage once, it’s not intended to be reloaded repeatedly by the same user and show a different business each time. There are a couple of reasons you can’t refresh the homepage repeatedly and move through all expanded businesses. 1. The Marketplace Widget is set to “cache” or store a business to display and display that business repeatedly for one minute. This is done to keep page performance at acceptable rates. If the homepage had to sit and wait for the widget to load a new business uniquely each time the page is loaded, it could very likely cause server backups and result in very slow page-loads for public users. When you load your homepage, wait 60 seconds, and then reload the page (don’t refresh), you will always see a new business. 2. Most web browsers, Firefox, and Chrome for sure, do their own “mini-caching” where they will save a version of a webpage in their temporary memory, and simply show you the same thing if you either hit refresh button repeatedly, or browse away and then return to the page using the back button.




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