Completing a Business Claim

Public View

  1. Business Owner searches Marketplace and selects Business.
  2. Click on Is this your business?

The claim form will then come up for the Business Owner to complete.

  • Create an account to begin the process, OR
  • Log in with current account info.
  1. Claimant will fill in the business information on the form and then click on the Claim this business button.
  2. Once the Claim is generated, the business owner is shown a page verifying their claim has been submitted. They are not able to make changes until a Market Representative creates the business account.
  1. A Business Owner can also create a new business by clicking at the bottom of the Market place Page and then entering information in the Add Your Business Form, which is identical to the Claim Business form.
  • Once user clicks Add Business, the following screen appears.
  1. In Either instance, the Business Owner can click on tips for building out your business profile. The following screen shot, displays the tip information.
  1. The account rep of Marketplace will get an email notifying them of the new business claim. (The support email field under the Markets Application directs who receives the emails.)

Administrative Panel

The account manager then selects Business in the Admin Panel under the Profiles Application.

  1. Go to Business Claims model in the Profiles Application by clicking on Business Claims.
  1. The Business list is organized in the order they were claimed. Phone number and owner name is displayed for easy access.
  • Review the information here, call the Owner and verify the business.
  • The above 2 businesses have 2 different Claim Types: Existing and New. See following steps:
    • If the Business Profile is Existing: Account manager MUST go to Business Accounts to link Business Owner to Business Profile.
    • If the Business is New: Account Manager must go to Business Module in Business Application and Validate the Business.
    • Both sets of instructions apply to the remainder of this document.
  1. There are Different steps dependent on whether this is a New Business Claim Type, or if this is an Existing Business. See the following instructions.

A. Existing Businesses

The Owner has claimed an Existing Marketplace Business.

  1. Go to Profiles Application and select the Business Accounts Module.
  • Click on the Add business account icon on the upper left hand of the screen.
  1. You will see the Add Business Account Screen.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the business field.
  • Type in the Name of the Business in the Search field.
  • Click Search.
  1. Once you see your business in the search list, click directly on the name of the business. This will select the Business account. In this example: we click on “BD KUNC”
  • The Account Number display’s in the Business Field:
  1. Next Click on the magnifying icon next to the user.
  • Select the user you wish to give Business Owner Access.
  • Repeat the above process with the User Account Number.
  • Click on the User Name to select user.
  • Make sure you are searching for Username, Email address, or Users First or Last Name. Do not search Business name.

Check the Can Manger Users Box if this claimant is to manage other users on the Public Business side for this business.


B. New Businesses

A business owner has created New Business from the public site.

  1. If a Business Owner creates a Business, there is NO need to go the Business Accounts Model. The Business Owner and the Business are already related based on the process of creating the Business by the Owner. See Matrix Below.
  1. Go to the Business module.
  • Select the Businesses application.
  • Type the name of the Business in the Search field.
  • The elected business is viewable and tagged as Not Valid noted by the red icon.
  • Click on the name of the Business to open Business Profile.
  • Scroll down the Highlight bar titled Misc.
  • Click on the Box called Validated.
  • A check Mark will appear.
  • Click on SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
  1. The business is now live and Viewable on the Public Side. Business Owner can begin edits.





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