Project Management

“I actually received an award and I wanted to thank the Ellington support people – Academy Award style! I owe it to them. I first worked with Shawn Tiemann when we were getting ready to launch. I wanted to hug him this week when I saw him. I couldn’t have done it without him. Now I get support from others, including programmers and designers. I’m like a kid in a candy store with all my questions and there are times I think the questions are annoying but they are happy to help. It’s been much better than I expected."

Jim Tinsky with KPBS

Whether your organization is deploying Ellington for the first time or upgrading your existing Ellington site, our experienced project managers will provide you with innovative leadership and guidance post contract-signing all the way through to site launch.

Our implementation team provides valuable “Best Practice” services, tools and insights gathered from our vast industry implementation experience. 
Our project managers will drive your team through the implementation process, administration set-up, coordinating the migrations, and integrations to get your website safely and successfully launched in record time (as quickly as 4 to 6 weeks compared to 6 months like our competitors).