Product Development

“We have worked with a lot of technology vendors and I have never ever worked with a company as customer focused and responsive as Mediaphormedia. I really feel like what I think matters. While my suggestions aren’t automatically implemented right away, I’m included in the discussion and some items get put on the roadmap. With other vendors that’s not the case. I ask for things and feel like I get blown off. With Mediaphormedia, I’m included in the discussion, the staff explains the priorities and many times I’m surprised to find out items get added to the product road map. This has made me have a lot of trust in Mediaphormedia."

~Tammy Carpowich with KPBS

Mediaphormedia has a history of producing some of the most advanced web services in media today and regularly works with top-tier companies across the U.S. building next generation features and services. Our projects roadmap is a blend of client requests and next generation apps aimed at moving the industry forward. If you like what you see with Ellington but feel it’s not exactly what you want, feel free to contact us – you may be surprised when you hear what our next big things are.

All of our work is built on top of Django, one of the top modern web development frameworks in use today ranging from some of the top organizations in the world such as NASA and HP to a host of startups you haven’t heard of just yet. Django is a critical part of our operation, not just because it was created here at the World Company back in 2004, but because in making it open source the global developer community has made it one of the best performing and most preferred web frameworks on the market. We invite you to take a closer look today, and join us in building tomorrow’s best of class software solutions.