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A Big Reveal

Ellington 3.0

Ellington 3.0

Leading the pack

Ellington 3.0 is almost here! We have been hard at work updating EllingtonCMS to bring you the features and functionality you have been asking for. We locked our team in a room for the past 18 months to set the stage for the biggest Ellington upgrade in its history. The stage has been set for a very exciting 2017.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Improving the end user experience is always at the top of our minds, and we spent last year engineering the upgrade path so that you can deliver faster page speed, with blazing new media servers to ensure your readers have the ultimate experience.

Many of these enhancements have been deployed, but more are coming! Your project manager will contact you to schedule your site updates over the coming weeks.

Brand new Responsive Templates.

Deliver seamlessly to mobile and tablet using our new responsive templates. Our under-the-hood changes to architecture allow us to offer a new base set of responsive templates. Upon request, they can be made available in your template directory. Do away with management of multiple templates for different devices and cumbersome m and t subdomains.

Paywall Preview.

Want to deliver more than a Hard paywall? Try the new paywall preview - and allow your readers to see a portion of a story, lead image and bylines. Ask your project manager how to implement these changes, and drive more reader engagement and revenue.

So much to say, so little space

New features are available already - if you have questions about implementation, reach out to your project manager in Basecamp. Be sure to take advantage of:

  • Paid Content URLs
  • Google AMP Template Tags
  • SSL
  • Braintree Payment Gateway Integration

Alongside these, other goodies are on their way:

  • Ad Unit manager for easy, non templated, ad unit code updates with DFP and OAS integration.
  • Unified payment model with integrations for many payment gateways for selling content types of all sorts.
  • Brand new User Documentation with updated "How To's"
  • YouTube Channel featuring training videos for easy learning.

The Big Reveal

Your most requested update, and one that has taken our engineers countless cups of coffee, sleepless nights and Mountains of Dew is a brand new, administrative toolset.

This puts Ellington in a class by itself and must be seen to be appreciated.

Your gorgeous new Admin User Interface will be responsive, with built-in Google Analytics, and customizable dashboards for easy access to the apps you commonly use. Available in the next few weeks, ask your project manager if you would like to be in the Beta Test group. If you are an existing Beta tester, look for an email next week regarding your beta account.