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Ellington CMS Feature Release: Events Upgrades

ePublishing has released an exciting new upgrade to the Ellington platform to help you engage readers and increase revenue: with your Software as a Service (SaaS) update, you are receiving a new and improved Events module! Here at ePublishing, our goal is to help you succeed, whether by engaging your readers, driving more traffic to your site, working more efficiently and, of course, making more money.

Events are now easier than ever for your staff to create and manage, provide an enhanced experience for your readers and deliver more value for your sponsors.

Upgrade Highlights:

  • Upload events via CSV files to post more events with less effort
  • Modify event display and content in WYSIWYG administrative tools
  • Organize events by location, using the Places App to automatically apply mapping coordinates
  • Search to find events by topic, title and date range
  • Browse Events by title and date
  • Sort Events by topic, location, date range
  • SEO: Each listing includes Search Engine-friendly URL specific to each event. If you change or update the event, a built-in redirect engine will automatically update the URL.

What does it cost?

All Ellington clients are receiving this upgrade as of our maintenance window on 9/15. There is no charge because it is included as part of our Software as a Service agreement with you.

How do I get started?

All Ellington modules and tools are intuitive and easy to use with our WYSIWYG interface. Should you have questions, please submit a ticket to support.ePublishing.com or contact Dave Chenault via Basecamp.

Documentation can be found in your Ellington Admin Documentation or on the Ellington Support Site.