Ellington CMS

Changing the game

From small news and media organizations to widespread content networks, Ellington’s advanced CMS and user generated content tools gives you everything you need to immerse your audience in a rich multi-media experience — on the web and on the go.

Ellington is so flexible I can't imagine trying to go back to working in a boxy CMS. We rely heavily on its speed and atomization tools as we continue to do more with fewer people. My team uses the section front controls and multimedia story tools on a daily basis to pull together features and special sections in minutes without using a designer. I think of Ellington like a really sharp knife. If you use it well, it'll cut through anything.

— Jonathan Kealing, ljworld.com, online editor

Engage your community

Ellington’s UGC and social tools will help your organization build open communities around your content, collaborate with your readers, and create new content channels – rapidly growing your audience and site traffic.

  • Multimedia blogs for staff and users
  • Community blog groups
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Follow, favorite, and share places, events, bands, mp3’s and more!
  • User comments on all types of content, such as stories, videos, polls, photos, and more!

Become the premier source for everything local

With Ellington’s industry-leading entertainment, search and directory platforms, you’ll quickly become the preferred destination for news, entertainment and business information for your community.

  • Feature-rich database of local events, places, and movie listings
  • Local band profiles, MP3 downloads, streaming radio, user play lists
  • Site-wide search engine with advanced filtering options
  • Customizable meta-data and search recommendations
  • Customizable search alerts via email, RSS and SMS

Meet the needs of an on-demand mobile consumer

When you combine Ellington’s powerful automation and syndication features with its clean and flexible, mobile-ready design, you’ll instantly connect with your users when, where, and however they prefer.

Efficiently create immersive, multimedia storytelling

Ellington features rich metadata, clean separation of content and presentation, and provides easy-to-use tools to organize, structure, and quickly publish immersive multimedia content — all without involving a designer.

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