In early 2000, when a hand-picked team assembled at the World Co.'s Lawrence Journal-World embarked to develop the next generation of news and media, the development path lead to one of the most feature-rich web Content Management Systems (CMS) and local business Directory services on the market, called Ellington. What started as tools and services for one newspaper grew to encompass a dedicated and always-innovating software endeavor, supporting more than 300 websites in North America with Ellington CMS and Marketplace.

Ellington CMS and Marketplace have helped clients amass a multitude of top industry awards and make profitability an achievable goal. By focusing on the needs of media companies, Ellington helps transform our partners, at operations both large and small, by enabling them to become more efficient and produce better work -- both staff generated and community driven -- to secure a place at the center of their communities.

Our objective: Build a community of users who develop technology and strategies to build online media companies from within - to help clients succeed in business.

Now that ePublishing, an established leader in the online publishing industry, has made Ellington CMS and Marketplace part of its family, we're seeking to accelerate the uncompromising drive to innovate practical solutions to meet our clients' needs.

ePublishing enhances Ellington's hard-won wisdom in software development by bringing our strong emphasis on attentive, knowledgeable service, best practices, and support to Ellington clients, while continuing to build the features and services that produce better, more profitable web publications. We believe that our 15-year track record of working with publishing websites and our wealth of industry experience provides a natural complement to the Ellington focus.

When Ellington became part of the ePublishing family, our first step was to leverage the assets and infrastructure we've nurtured over the past 15 years. ePublishing is taking big steps to grow Ellington as the best solution for media businesses:

ePublishing Cloud
Ellington performance is more reliable and responsive now that its sites are hosted on the ePublishing's SaaS Enterprise Publishing System. Pages load faster with a sophisticated caching system combined with an extensive server network using multiple bandwidth sources.

Ongoing Development
Equally important, we are refocusing the Ellington team to respond to customer needs and input using an industry driven product development roadmap, while nurturing a network of client developers and designers to make sure ongoing software releases respond to cutting edge industry needs.

We work very closely with our clients, continuously collaborating on the next generation of our software and services. We hope you'll take a close look at what makes us different, how our software is hand-tailored to the finest of standards, and how our clients, along with our drive to innovate, can take us into areas of local media yet to truly be served.

We look forward to speaking with you - if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or send us a note.